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MP P2 Respirator with Values x2 replacement filters - AUSTRALIAN MADE - 0309


Please Note: Each mask comes with 3 replacement filters* 


• For protection against mechanically and thermally generated particulate, i.e. Dust, mist, and fume.

• Soft PU rubber and unique design allows for a snug fit, maximizing effectiveness and allowing for use with other PPE such as eye protection.

• BSI Certification to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1716 : 2012

• Twin exhalation valves for user comfort.

 • Manufactured in Australia.

• Comes with 2 Replacement Filters.


Featuring a Polyether-based Polyurethane outer mask.
This material is re-known for its microbial resistance, longevity, and ability for thorough cleaning time after time again.

P2 Filter - 4 Layer Protection

Layer 1 - An outer spun-bond polypropylene layer to block initial large particles, dust, and liquid droplets. 
Layers 2 & 3 - A single layer doubled of very fine, non-woven fabric to block finer dust particles, bacteria, and virus-carrying droplets that cannot be seen to the naked eye.
Layer 4 - An inner layer of spun-bond polypropylene to block exhaled droplets.